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Nominations for the Executive Board will be on the last week of the AS meetings. We will keep you updated on specific dates if you are interested. Please read the two statements below before proceeding to the nomination form.

  • In accordance with The California State University memo AA-2012-05 regarding Student Academic Support, all students holding a minor representative officer position defined as President or Treasurer must earn 6 semester units per term while holding office.

  • In accordance with the Accounting Society’s by-laws, all students holding any officer position in the society must be in good academic standing with Cal State San Marcos and the College of Business Administration, and have received a grade of ‘C’ or better in ACCT301 (Intermediate Accounting I) prior to assumption of office.

Thank you for your interest in student leadership! If you have any questions about student leadership, please feel free to contact any of the current Accounting Society board members.

Executive Board Nomination

Nominees should dress in business casual attire and come ready to deliver a speech (1-3 minutes) to our members in person, in Markstein 125. Please nominate yourself using the form to the right by Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, before midnight. 

Elections for the Fall 2022 Executive Board will be held on Thursday, April 27th, 2023.


Accounting society members will be sent a survey where they can vote for their preferred candidate. The candidate with the majority of the votes will be elected to the board. 

​Elected Board members will be announced on Monday, May 1st, 2023. 

Spring 2022 Accounting Society Board Members_edited.jpg

Executive Board Positions


The President is the overall head of the society. They oversee all actions and events the Accounting Society does and makes sure they run smoothly throughout the semester. In order to become the President, a student must serve as the President-Elect for one semester before their Presidency. This position is a year-long commitment, including time spent as the President-Elect.


The President-Elect is basically the President-in-Training. They work with the current President to learn the skills and information they will need when they become the President for the upcoming semester. The President-Elect is taught by the current President on how to take over when the President's term ends. This position is a semester long commitment.

Vice President:

The Vice President serves as the right hand to the President and coordinates, contacts, and schedules all of the Accounting firms that come to the general meetings. In order to become the VP, a student must serve as the VP-Elect for one semester. The VP position is a year-long commitment, including time spent as the VP-Elect.

Vice President-Elect:

The VP-Elect is basically the VP-in-Training. They are taught by the current VP the tools and skills necessary to take over as VP for the upcoming semester. This position is a semester-long commitment.


The Treasurer takes care of all financial and fundraising aspects of the Accounting Society. They handle the billing of firms, membership dues, and even student reimbursements. In order to become the Treasurer, a student must serve as the Treasurer-Elect for one semester. This position is a year-long commitment, including time spent as the Treasurer-Elect.


The Treasurer-Elect  is basically the Treasurer-in-Training. They are taught by the current Treasurer the tools and skills necessary to take over as the Treasurer for the upcoming semester. This position is a semester-long commitment.

Director of Membership:

The Director of Membership is in charge of keeping track of the Accounting Society's members, general meeting attendance, the pairing of mentees with mentors, as well as acquiring resume booklets for Career Connections. This position is a semester-long commitment.

Director of Communications & Technology:

The Director of Communications and Technology is in charge of sending out all of the Accounting Society's weekly emails to all of the members, keeping all of the society's social medias up-to-date, as well as assisting the Director of Membership with keeping track of meeting attendance. This position is a semester-long commitment.

Vice President of Internal Affairs:

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is in charge of ordering, as well as picking up the food for every Accounting Society meeting or event. The VP of Internal Affairs also assists the President in reserving spaces on campus, using 25Live, for the society to host general meetings or bigger events like Career Connections or the Spring Banquet. This position is a semester-long commitment.

Chairperson Positions

The Chair Cabinet is comprised of leaders that are focused on strengthening and forwarding specific programs that help deliver the society's mission. The Chairpersons work alongside Executive Board members throughout the semester to fulfill their duties. 

Positions within the Chairperson Cabinet will be filled at the beginning of each semester. ​In accordance with the Accounting Society’s by-laws, any voting member shall be eligible for considered as a chair person. A voting member is defined as any member having completed a membership application and who is current with his/her dues. If you have any questions and/or concerns about the Chairperson Cabinet, please reach out to any Executive Board member. 

Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2023

Executive Member Responsible: President & President-Elect

Flagship Event:

Works with Vice President of External Affairs to organize Career Connections or Spring Banquet, depending on semester involved.


Responsible for locating scholarship information and providing it to the members. Responsible for securing scholarships for the Accounting Society’s Spring Banquet. Works closely with the Department Chair and Faculty Advisor.

Executive Member Responsible: VP External Affairs & VP External Affairs-Elect

Community College Liaison:

Acts as an interface between the local Community Colleges and the Accounting Society. Seeks to recruit from Community Colleges while advising and giving presentation to accounting classes with the Membership Chair. 

Inter-Club Council:

Acts as a liaison between the Associated Students, CoBA Student Organizations, and the Accounting Society.

Executive Member Responsible: Treasurer & Treasurer-Elect


Works alongside the Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect to organize revenue raisers for the Accounting Society. They are also responsible for promoting the event.

Financial Committee:

Responsible for partial grant writing and off-campus fundraising.

Executive Member Responsible: Director of Communications & Technology

Social Media:

Maintain social media, keeping content up to date. Creates and distributes flyers when needed. 


Records the historical data of all Accounting Society events. He/she is responsible for taking pictures, updating photo albums, and creating slideshows for flagship events. 

Executive Member Responsible: Director of Membership & Recruitment

Social Events:

Schedules all off-campus social events including but not limited to socials with accounting industry representatives. 


Maintains membership records and current membership list. Assist in the process of distributing membership name tags and label pins for flagship events. 

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