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Peer Mentorship Program

Our mission is to assist students in the accounting recruitment process, while creating inter-society relationships and networks to serve as a stepping stone into the professional world 



As a mentor, your primary responsibility is to assist and guide your mentee through the accounting recruiting cycle and networking practices. Additionally, a mentor should be available for advice on choosing classes for the next semester, and other general academic advice. Mentors must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Accounting Society member

  • Be in their final two semesters at CSUSM, or have passed ACCT 302

          (Exceptions to this will be considered on a                    case by case basis)

  • Have gone through at least one recruiting cycle​

        (Ideal candidate will have an internship or job              offer)​

Mentors will be matched with mentees for one semester. 


  • Set goals & expectations with your mentee about your mentorship relationship.

  • Be available to your mentee.

  • Answer your mentee's questions to the best of your ability; if you feel as if you don't know how to answer a specific question, guide them to another resource.

  • Build a trustworthy and open relationship with your mentee.

  • Allow for confidentiality within your mentorship relationship.


At the end of each academic year, we will recognize our members. Mentors will be given a certificate of appreciation and will be recognized by the faculty at the Spring Banquet each academic year.

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As a mentee, you will receive guidance through the accounting recruiting cycle and professional networking events. Mentees will be able to ask their mentor about the course sequence, professional development, and how to obtain an internship. Mentees must meet the following requirements:

  • Be currently enrolled in ACCT 201, 202, or 301

  • Be an Accounting Society member

  • Be self-motivated, open to advice, and willing to ask questions.

  • Complete an exit survey about their mentor.

First Meeting Tips

  • Mentors: Talk about where you are in the recruiting cycle and the accounting program, your prior job experiences, and how you've obtained these positions.

  • Mentees: Talk about where you are in the recruiting cycle (if known) and in the accounting program, and explain what type of career you would like to pursue.

  • Determine each other's expectations & goals!

    • What do each of you want to get out of this relationship?

    • What do you expect from your mentor? From your mentee?

    • Be realistic in your expectations of each other and the semester.

    • Determine a time/location for your bimonthly meetings.

  • Determine the best form of communications!

  • Exchange phone numbers & email addresses.

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