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Meet the Executive Board!

The Executive Board serves the students in the Accounting Society by providing opportunities to network with accounting professionals and aid in securing internships. Serving in leadership as a member of the Executive Board is an experience in its own right. We host networking and job fair events like Career Connections that allow the students to gain one-on-one interactions with many different accounting firms and their professionals.

As a member on the Executive Board, it's our responsibility to be a resource and guide for students in the Accounting Society. Accounting is a difficult major to navigate on your own, so we strive to make the transition from college to the real world as smooth as possible. The Accounting Society's main job is to serve as a bridge between students and accounting professionals. It's our job as the Executive Board to keep the Accounting Society running smoothly and provide convenient resources for students to access.


Spring 2022 Executive Board

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Taylor Gerrity -> President

I'm a 4th year at CSUSM and will be graduating in Fall 2022. I chose to pursue accounting because I grew up around accounting and because I love numbers. My hobbies include swimming, hiking, photography, rock climbing, and being active outdoors. I also enjoy snowboarding and playing board/card games with my friends. I also love going to Disneyland and am a huge Star Wars/Marvel fan. I joined the board because I like to help others in any way possible and want to give them the best advice and guidance I can.

Joshua Taylor -> Vice President

I love basketball, lifting, watching anime and dramas, and trying new foods. I’m currently a senior and I plan to graduate in Fall of 2022. I chose accounting because I found it to be the most interesting subject of all my business classes, and it was something I could see myself doing for a future career. I wanted to take on a role where I could contribute more to the Accounting Society, and I felt holding a board position would be the perfect way for me to do that while also developing my skills as an accounting student. 

Moises Gonzalez -> Treasurer

I am currently a Senior accounting student at CSUSM and I am graduating in the fall of 2022. Accounting was my choice to major in because I enjoy working with numbers and accounting has been enjoyable for me so far. The career choices are also stable and straightforward, so that is a nice bonus! I pursued a role in the Accounting Society because I saw how dedicated the executive board was, and I wanted to help out as much as possible. Joining the society has brought nothing but good things for me and the people that I am around. My favorite hobbies include bike riding, watching movies, running, and video games. 

Robert Taylor -> President-Elect

Akarsh Wadhawan -> Vice President-Elect

Loi Ngu -> Treasurer-Elect

Karen Whealdon -> Director of Communications & Technology

I am currently a Senior accounting student at CSUSM. I have this current semester and one more left before I graduate in Fall 2022. I want to do accounting because I quite plainly like working with numbers and I like things to be organized so accounting was the best fit for me. I am currently still deciding what focus I want to pursue but I am leaning toward international accounting. I am open to testing out each section from tax to audit to find the right fit for myself.  I have a ton of other hobbies other than my love for math and organization. I also love to sew, watch and make movies, and even sword fight despite not being the best fighter. I am constantly trying to push myself further and gain as many new experiences as I can. One saying I have is “You’re with yourself for life, so you might as well invest in yourself now”.

Jennifer McCulley -> Director of Membership

Brent Martinez -> Vice President of Internal Affairs


Former Executive Boards

Fall 2021

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Bryan Roberson, Albert Macedo, Olivia Parrot, Taylor Gerrity, Joshua Taylor, Moises Gonzalez, Ashely Woods, Arjay Bustillo, Tierra O'Brien

Spring 2020

Spring 2020 AS EB.jpg

Stephanie Hernandez, Preston Martin, Richard Ezell, Anna Nagel, Salvatore Mauro, Dillon Thomas, Oscar Hurtado, Matthew Belleza, and Manuel Garcia Garcia

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 AS EB.jpg

Weston Levinson, Shelby Loreen, Lance Flett, Nick Scott, Alisha Blush, Jaclyn Stewart, Krizelle de los Santos, and Alma Villa

Fall 2020

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Preston Martin, Molley Miller, Dillon Thomas, Sabrina Jacques, Anna Nagel, Nathan Dibos, Kehli Marr-Allen, Evan Diebold, Samantha Gonzales

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 AS EB.jpg

Ian Pilchowski, Amanda Clarke, Gideon Huang, Eric Smith, Jacob Herz, Yecenia Thompson, Joseph Santos, Nghi Nguyen, and Alan Trinh

Fall 2018

Fall 2018 AS EB.jpg

Shelby Loreen, ​Ian Pilchowski, Nick Scott, Gideon Huang, Valeria Gaeta, Jacob Herz, Reyman Bada, Jessica Walker and Jessy Perez


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